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Another bad experience at Mesa Rosa constituted an email...

Hi. My husband and I went to the Mesa Rosa location in Round Rock for the second time this evening. Our first experience was not pleasurable, so it had taken us three months to decide to give it another chance.
To start, my husband's straw was dirty. I'm not sure if it had fallen on the floor or if somebody with dirty hands had touched it... but that just wasn't nice. I tried to order your #4 combination platter and asked if it was possible to substitute Flaquitos for the two tacos which were supposed to be included. Our waiter said she would check and get back to us. He then told us that "they said" this could not be done... I then asked, "even with an extra charge"... so he had to go check on that. Next, a woman, whom I assume was the assistant manager, came over and said that it was not possible to substitute flaquitos and that you didn't have an a la carte price for them... and asked if that was okay. I said, "no, I'd like to change my order"... she gave me a look and said that I couldn't do that and that my order was almost ready. We told her that wasn't right and that the order wasn't supposed to have been submitted until this was sorted out. I was able to change my order to just the Flaquito dinner. When they brought our food out, my plate was fine... however, my husband's was wrong. He had ordered the combination enchilada platter and had ordered it with double rice. Instead they brought it out with beans. When he told the server that this was wrong, she gave him a dirty look and repeated that what he said in an annoyed tone.... she did finally take it back to "fix" it.... however, all she did was scrape the beans off of the plate and put rice in its place. :\ During this time, the couple behind us was being served. The server dropped her mitt on the floor and then picked it up and dusted it off, and used it to serve the table -- touching their food with the dirty mitt. At the end of our meal, the other manager came by and apologized and said that I was told the wrong info about flaquitos, etc and we told her about all of the problems and she said that she wanted to comp our meal.... oddly, she comp'd only the flaquito portion. We weren't really looking for a free meal.. at that point we just wanted to leave... we just find it odd that it was partially comp'd.

Needless to say, we don't plan on making a return trip to the Mesa Rosa Round Rock location at any point. It is rather sad as we eat out frequently and live right around the corner. We would've rather waited for an hour for a table at Chuy's than have the experiences we have had at your restaurant.


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