Isaac D. Kishk

[email protected]

Experienced network security engineer with over 20 years of experience exploring new and challenging opportunities. Focused on delivering integration, automation, and value on both internal and customer focused initiatives. Proven ability to thrive in a fast paced, challenging work environment and produce results in high-pressure situations.
Provide network security experience in a diverse environment. Protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and information systems. Develop integration, automation, and support tools for internal employees, enhancing product offerings for customers.

Employment History

Finastra- Expert Network Security Engineer, Security Architecture & Engineering team
March 2021 - Present

Boyd Gaming, c/o Link technologies- Network Security Architect; Firemon SME
November 2020 to January 2021
As a senior member of the Information Security team, I provide governance reviews and change validations for changes across a primarily Palo Alto network. Perform vulnerability assessments on published CVE reports. I expanded the existing Firemon capabilities to include extended scheduled reports for the infrastructure, with a roadmap for change ticket automation.

Hewlett-Packard / Hewlett Packard Enterprise / DXC Technology / AT&T- Senior Network Security Engineer, Global Engineering & Technical Consulting; Integration Specialist, Global Tech Leads Team
June 2011 to October 2020
As a senior member of the Leveraged Firewall Engineering group, I provide network security solutions across a diverse infrastructure, using CheckPoint, Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, FireMon, and PaloAlto solutions.
• Lead role as a principle engineer to identify and remedy solutions in planned and unplanned situations.
• Provide knowledge as a subject matter expert on security processes and procedures, always available as technical and quality peer review resource.
• Design, implement, and verify requirements as identified by the project/technical manager and customer.
• Review and approve requests for highly controlled internal devices.
• Provide operational tier 4 support in a 24x7x365 environment, which includes, firewall changes, network support, and application debugging, as well as, creating root-cause analysis when required.

Assume additional responsibilities, as needed, in order to facilitate a more efficient environment.
• Mentor and train new staff members.
• Lead team training sessions on standard operating procedures and required processes in order to provide more consistent and reliable responses to project implementation and unplanned incidents.
• Create and maintain team documentation and repository.

Identify and understand requirements in processes and procedures with the view on integration and automation.
• Manage the design, development and documentation of monitoring dashboards integrated into various internal data platforms in order to support automation and drive continuous improvement initiatives.
• Develop and oversee request submission process flow, allowing flexibility, efficiency, and a user friendly experience.
• Update team day-to-day processes and procedures as required.
• Ensure compliance controls are in place using automation checks and balances

Cisco Systems, c/o Kforce- IT Network Systems Integration Specialist
July 2010 to June 2011
Focused on installation, management and optimization of the NFX based security monitoring platform. Worked with Enterprise Customers to architect and support Cisco Security devices including: domain devices, firewalls and IPS. Additionally, used various network management tools such as traffic sniffers and packet analyzers to debug and optimize networks.

First Data Corporation, c/o Cognizant- Information Security Analyst; Network Security and Firewall Operations Group
February 2010 to August 2010
Work within a highly secure, three tiered environment, to satisfy PCI and IRS security standards. Ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of all systems, applications, and data in accordance with corporate policy. Perform risk assessments, provide recommendations, and present findings.

Texas Association of Local Health Officials- Consultant, Network Engineer
June 2009 - January 2010
Performed network audits resulting in maintenance, configuration, and installation of various Cisco and Dell/EMC platforms. Transformed the physical server footprint via virtualization resulting in driving down cost and increasing resiliency

Savvis/Cable & Wireless/Exodus Communications- Senior Network Security Engineer - Master Architect
November 2000 - November 2008
As a senior member of the Managed Security Services (MSS) team, provided technical leadership for up to 6,000 enterprise customers consisting of up to 10,000 devices.
• Assessed threats, risks, and vulnerabilities from emerging security issues.
• Managed process and acted in the lead role for various internal and customer facing management networks.
• Performed and created procedures for system security audits, penetration-tests, and vulnerability assessments.

As a member of the Principal Engineering Group, within MSS, oversaw internal systems, processes, procedures, and development of tools.
• Drafted enterprise security standards and guidelines for firewall configuration and policies.
• Developed Perl and shell scripts to maintain, automate, report, and backup key security and infrastructure procedures.
• Designed, deployed, and maintained a global IPSEC-based VPN management network.
• Authored a Perl-based, SNMP/ICMP notification and response system designed to efficiently monitor thousands of devices while providing real-time status information to the Managed Security Operations Center.

Professional Skills

  Skill Name Skill Level Experience
  Apache, DHCP, MySQL, SAMBA, Sendmail, SSH, Qmail Administration Expert 25 years
  Checkpoint Provider-1/Firewall-1 Expert 20 years
  Cisco Switches Expert 18 years
  Cisco Routers Intermediate 16 years
  Cisco Firewalls Expert 20 years
  Cyberguard Firewall Expert 8 years
  DNS Administration (bind) Expert 20 years
  Firemon Intermediate 7 years
  Fortinet Fortigate Intermediate 3 years
  Foundry BigIron Intermediate 5 years
  FreeBSD System Administration Intermediate 13 years
  Intrusion Detection Intermediate 5 years
  IP allocation and management Expert 22 years
  IP Packet Analysis Expert 15 years
  Juniper netscreen/JunOS/NSM Intermediate 5 years
  Linux System Administration Expert 26 years
  Penetration Testing Expert 15 years
  Perl Expert 25 years
  PHP Intermediate 23 years
  Radius administration Intermediate 6 years
  Solaris System Administration Expert 9 years
  VMWare Intermediate 11 years
  VPN Expert 17 years


References are available upon request.