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Stupid parents and their lawsuits

I was watching the news yesterday, and there was mention of a suit where 4 parents of 14/15yr old girls are suing myspace because they met an online predator there. why go after myspace, why not the backbone myspace is on, level3. when not sure the electricity company supplying myspace, the backbone, HIS isp and HIS computer. why not sue pizza hut for the pizza he got delivered while the girl was in his house. why not sue the guys HOA for not noticing a pedophile in their midst. why not sue Compaq for allowing this guy to get online. why not sue netgear for allowing a predator to gain online access.

i can go on and on and on in relation to how relevant myspace is to this situation. sure, they met there, but if it wasn't there, it woulda been AIM. gonna sue AIM? PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. these parents lack parental skills and are looking for a scapegoat, plain and simple.

so, why bring this up again (since I'm sure its been commented on a million times), well, today's idiocy:,,2-2006600086,00.html

Boy slips under car in his Heelys KIDS were warned to beware of trainers with roller-skate style wheels in the heels after it was revealed a boy suffered brain damage when he slipped in front of a car.

Trendy 55p Heelys shoes -- worn by X Factor's Ray Quinn -- have been a must-have Christmas gift.

But their US makers face a multi-million pound lawsuit after Carlos Procell, 10, rolled back in his as he crossed a road and was hit by a car.

The schoolboy suffered serious head and chest injuries and has been in hospital for a month.

His New Jersey family is suing for compensation, saying the shoes should be fitted with brakes.

Last night Roger Vincent, of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, urged children here to take care.

He said: "Use common sense. Read the instructions and safety tips."

"In the US case, the boy was wearing his Heelys to cross a road. We'd advise against that."

hey idiot, the sole of the shoe is the break, retract the wheel.

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