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Special Weather
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Air Quality
DateOzone (O3)PM2.5PM10
Allergy Forcast
Sunrise/Sunset :/: CDT
• Live weather alerts provided by NOAA/NWS, polled every 5 minutes.
• Live outdoor conditions provided by using my station data (KTXROUND14), polled every 5 minutes.
• Live METAR data from KGTU (which is an automated station), polled every 15 minutes.
• Live UV Index provided by, polled every 15 minutes.
• Live Air Quality Index provided by AIRNow, polled every 2 hours.
• Allergy forcast by
• Reset of the base unit caused the yearly to reset. in was lost after various resets.
• WX file updated at
• Rain file updated at
• NWS file updated at

• Raw METAR data from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Austin-Mabry, Georgetown link for this zip code link for this station
NOAA quality control for C6261
CWOP weather quality control for CW6261
MESONET entry for C6261
CWOP findu page for CW6261
AIRNow link for Austin, TX