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February 3, 2015

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Oye vey

This poor woman and her mother.... trainwreck hilarity.

Cleanup time!

So I tried reorganizing old posts, but it got tedious. g33k got subsections, wtf is still just a general wtf, minus the specialized subsections.... florida likes to be stupid in general, so they are special.

I hope to use this more often when I find decent deal and Android hacks, we'll see!

February 2, 2015

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changed hosting provider

new box, new versions for everything, much code updating... blah.

March 24, 2007

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Another wootoff come and gone

Damn you Bag of Crap, DAMN YOU!

well, I did get a flying monkey.

July 24, 2006

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SSL enabled

I finally fixed my SSL issues. You should be able to use the store semi-securely now. Its a self signed certificate, but thats better than nothing!

July 23, 2006

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Google AdSense

So I finally caved and decided to stick ads on my site. click them please, make me some money to pay off my debts! If the image ads start looking hellish, I'm going to text only! Please don't edit your adblock to block my stuff, I really need the extra cash :)

April 20, 2006

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MTSpeling plugin... update!

As many of you have seen, my spelling is, well, horrid. So I found a spell checker for MT, called MTSpeling. It had one HUGE disadvantage:

MTSpeling provides support for a personal dictionary of words that it will treat as spelled correctly, stored as a cookie on the user�s web browser. The only support in the plugin is to be able to read and parse the spelling-dict cookie as a colon-seperated list of words.

How friggin lame is that? I have direct access to my server, why can't I just read a local file? well, now you can, heres the hack...

The line after "$Lingua::Ispell::path" add:

my $personaldictfile = '/path/to/';

Now do a search on cookie, you should end up at around line 34. after this cookie check, add this to line 41:

open (FILE,"$personaldictfile"); my @personaldict = ; close FILE;

foreach my $word (@personaldict) {
chomp $word;

Come on alex, its that simple, why'd u make it seem so hard?

There is no current support in the plugin for dictionaries stored anywhere other than as a cookie in the browser.

There is now! muahahahaa. This new file works with one word per line. none of that colon stuff the cookie had to use.

So I finish this entry, hit preview to let it spell check, and this came up "colon-seperated" from the original page. How funny is it that a spell cheking page has spelling errors?

December 29, 2005

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Ebay feedback

If you are reading this, you have probably used ebay before. My biggest annoyance with ebay is the feedback system. well, more like how its abused. If a Buyer buys something, and pays within minutes of the close of the auction, the SELLER should automaticly leave you feedback. The buyers feedback is based on how the buyer performed. However, most of the time, you get jerks who wont leave the buyer feedback until the buyer leaves the seller feedback. The seller should be rated on communication, shipping, and overall professionalism. When they lack on ANY of these, you can tell them because then they will retaliate with your feedback which should be PERFECT because you paid within seconds.

Ever walk into a home depot, get absolutely no help, purchase your product, then get hounded for assitance on the product you just bought? no, because thats backwards.

IMHO, ebay should empose a "seller first" in the feedback system, ensuring the seller only gets their feedback if they give feedback.

December 19, 2005

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MT config madness!

Recently I decided to migrate from the old mt.cfg style config for MT, the legacy way, to the new mt-config.cgi way. I've been trying to figrue out WHY I cant do anything without the login prompt every time I click on a link w/in MT. So today I decided to revert to mt.cfg, and guess what, it works.... WTF!?

December 5, 2005

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Get Firefox extensions to work in 1.5

I;ve been trying to get back to normal since my upgrade to Firefox 1.5. Most of my extensions have been updated properly, except a few I really wanted. then I found this info:

In the address bar, typ about:config and hit Enter. Now, right-click on the list, and select New -> String, then type app.extensions.version for the name and 1.0 for the value. Enable the extensions and restart Firefox and you’re ready to go!

Thanks liewCF!

November 21, 2005

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Twentieth Century Fox signs Internet Movie Deal

Ever wanted to watch a movie on your ipod? maybe some seinfeld on your palm/CE device? stream a movie to your laptop in a n airplane? here ya go!

LOS ANGELES -- Movielink, a joint venture of five Hollywood studios to offer movies over the Internet, has signed a deal with Twentieth Century Fox, allowing it to offer movies from all major studios for the first time.

The deal, announced Monday, comes at a time when studios and TV networks are looking at alternative ways to distribute programs, including video on demand and portable devices, such as Apple's iPod.

While Fox has offered some of its content online at sites such as, it waited until more homes had high speed Internet access and could view downloaded movies on large screen TVs before signing a deal with Movielink.

"I think you're going to see us be a lot more aggressive in the next few months," said Peter Levinsohn, president of Worldwide Pay Television and Digital Media at Fox, a subsidiary of New York-based News Corp. "This marketplace is really going to start to grow."

Movielink and similar legitimate movie download services exist, in part, to offer an alternative to illegal piracy. But Movielink has yet to become popular, in part because films can only be viewed on a computer or watched on a TV screen using a cable.

But over the next few months, consumer electronics devices, such as the recently released XBox 360 game console, will allow users to more easily view material stored on a hard drive on a large TV screen.

Studios also are expected to experiment with other business models, including allowing viewers to purchase movies online and burn copies to DVDs.

"The end of 2005 and into 2006 is really a watershed year," said Jim Ramo, chief executive at Movielink. "I think you're beginning to see a snowball effect."

Starting Monday, Fox will make movies such as "Robots" available and will add more movies over the next few months.

But viewers won't see any of George Lucas's "Star Wars" films, which Fox distributes in theaters and home video. Fox does not own the Internet distribution rights to the films.,2933,176242,00.html

October 10, 2005

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Top 20 IT mistakes

This article nails so many points home its hard not to laugh, but thats all I can really say publicly... sorry.

October 5, 2005

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blog, revisited

I've brought back my old lame blog, i missed it. Still importing/filtering stuff out.

April 22, 2004

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Why cant cisco word a advisory email so you know for SURE your IOS version isnt exploitable? Is a simple matrix of all versions w/ a yes/no so friggin hard?

Posted by kaz at 2:32 AM