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Ebay feedback

If you are reading this, you have probably used ebay before. My biggest annoyance with ebay is the feedback system. well, more like how its abused. If a Buyer buys something, and pays within minutes of the close of the auction, the SELLER should automaticly leave you feedback. The buyers feedback is based on how the buyer performed. However, most of the time, you get jerks who wont leave the buyer feedback until the buyer leaves the seller feedback. The seller should be rated on communication, shipping, and overall professionalism. When they lack on ANY of these, you can tell them because then they will retaliate with your feedback which should be PERFECT because you paid within seconds.

Ever walk into a home depot, get absolutely no help, purchase your product, then get hounded for assitance on the product you just bought? no, because thats backwards.

IMHO, ebay should empose a "seller first" in the feedback system, ensuring the seller only gets their feedback if they give feedback.

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