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Drunk driver

So im taking the trash out, and I hear a loud thunk, then another thunk, then a horn stuck on. I live close enough to a highway intersection to know the sound of a wreck. I call 911, grab my wallet and drive over. Some guy plowed into a guard rail at 65mph. his work truck is spun around and all his crap is in the street. 3 wheels are busted and theirs diesel on the ground. By this time the 911 operator has me on the phone w/ the sheriff's dept. I put my truck in position to block both lanes pointing my headlights at this idiots truck. I walk over and make sure he's ok. He asks if I called anyone because he doesn't want help and his cousin is a tow truck driver. I told him just fire dept. He goes back to his truck and starts picking shit up. then he comes back again and asks if i called the cops. This guy is slurring his speech... be it from the wreck or from drinking, I dont know. I told him fire dept again. Guy gets agitated.

Here I am, going out of my way to make sure he's ok, and protect him from getting hit by another car with my car, and HE's getting agitated. Finally a cop shows up. I fill him in. A second cop shows up, and I don't need to block the road anymore. I leave.

The guy was obviously drunk, and probably didn't have any insurance. Its a good thing the 911 dispatch heard me get into my car, and the car dings while driving over there so he couldn't make a story up that I caused it.

Its a sad world when you try and help someone and you have to cover yer ass just in case they try and spin a tale.

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