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iGo power tip

As you may know from reading my blog, my wife and I got new phones. Stunningly enough, both use the same power adapters.... so it seems. The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 and MotorolaRAZR V3xx both have miniUSB connectors, both came with computer USB cables for data/charging. both came with wall outlets. (I boght an iGo juice70 a couple years ago while out of town, so I tend to keep the proper tips around now.) So its safe to assume you should be able to find one iGo tip for both phones at this point.

Wrong, there are three:

Dont bother calling support and asking what the difference is, you'll get the standard line "Each tip is custom made for each device" Just a little bit of googling and I found this:

I have an iGo unit and have used the A29 blackberry tip and the A32 RAZR tip. On the back of the tips at radioshack, you'll notice that the A29 is 5.0V at .6 Amps, and the A32 is 5.0 volts .9 Amps. I don't know what the A53 tip has becuse they don't carry it at the shack yet. I do know that both tips do charge my 8125 with no problems. The RAZR tip is faster, as it's higher current. One thing to keep in mind is that if you use the RAZR tip, you'll be able to use it to charge newer moto BT headsets as well without blowing them up. --morrias

So basically:
A29 for Blackberry............. 5.0V @ 0.6A
A32 for Moto RAZR.............. 5.0V @ 0.9A
A53 for Cingular 8125......... 5.2V @ 1.2A

So obviously all will work, A29 has more of a trickle than A53. So less battery heat on charge. If you've used your wife's RAZR adapter on your Blackberry, A32 should be fine..... but dont try and sue me for writing this, I'm not liable for your experimentation.

UPDATE: My blackberry wall unit says: 5v @ 0.75A. Wifes RAZR wallunit says: 5v @ 0.55A. wow, iGo really messed this one up.

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