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Solar powered fan asperated radiation shield

I finally got around to taking pictures of my latest weather modification:

I took a good idea, and made it better. the original plan called for a glued in fan and unprotected sensor. My version allows you to unscrew the fan housing to access the wires to swap out the fan easily, and not ontop of a ladder. Second alteration is the larger extended sensor housing.

My original sensor malfunctioned, which i think may be because of it being exposed to the air without its original housing. In this version I added a wider pvc pipe to allow you to just slip the original sensor housing in. The fan is powered via a 5w 12/24v solar panel, which in turn is wired to a 12AH batter and has a 8w diode to the 12v fan. the fan only fun when there is "radiation exposure" and a bit after until the battery gets spent.

My original setup is explained here. Additions to this shopping list are:
5w 24/12v solar panel
old directv mount
4ft aluminum "L" (to make a bracket for the solar panel)
12AH batter
8v diode
anything to enclose the battery from the element (soda coolers work great)
2" -> 1" reducer
1-2ft 2" pvc
and of course, leave the THGR968 in its casing, but remove the mushroom head.

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