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$77 XM Radio for a year

So my 3-month GM XM trial is set to expire 1/25/07, and Sirius is offering 12months free for their service. So I decided to try and get some free months. After calling XM's customer [no]service in india, corp, and GM... I found it was just a no win situation. SO I started looking for promo codes. I found one... ZWINBACK... 1 year for $77 and free activation... Thats half off the normal price! Just call 800-892-5400, and ask for the "$77/year deal". If they ask for a code, which they didnt for me, use the one here. If you get shot down, just hang up and try again. If they ask you how you heard about it, tell them you got a postcard. THIS IS KEY. dont tell them anything about online and play stupid.

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