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Computer go BOOM

So I wake up yesterday and "head into the office" to find my workstation says its 5:27AM and is frozen. Ok, no biggie. I reset the box. about 5 mins after I'm into some emails, i hear a CLUNK from my hard drive. I think "damn, there goes my HD" obviously. So I boot it up again, kill almost every program, and proceed to do a dump of the image. About 4 hours later, its at 98%, and the status bar disappears. I assume its done. So I start testing the image, and I find I cant make a Norton Ghost 9 boot disk for myself! I find one online using my laptop, boot the box w/ it, try to read the image, and it only reads ".gho" images, IE Ghost 2003/8.0 or less. So I start looking for a Ghost 9 boot cd, luckily, torrent isn't illegal :)

I boot into that, see my image, and its corrupt. YEY! Thankfully, I have a July 12th image. So I go buy a hard drive (officemax 300 gig seagate for 129 - 15% "brownbag sale" + 8.25% tax). Pop the drive in my box, boot up with the ghost disk, try and read the 7/12 image, and it says it cant find a hard drive. DAMN, my motherboard or cable! swap out the cable, same story. So its 8:15, Fry's closes at 9. I get there around 8:50, and the cpu/mb combo I want is sold out. I end up w/ a abit NF-9f and an AMD Athlon 64 3500+. Bring it home, put in my case, put new HD on, it works. So then I begin a disk clone from the old drove to the new drive, knowing Windows will do crazy w/ new motherboard and controllers. It told me it would take 18hrs. So at 5pm today, I'll have a clone HD and the windows fun begins! Some nifty sites I found on the way are the ultimate boot cd and the ultimate boot cd for windows. its a shame I couldn't get this to work with ghost9, only ghost8.

Windows Genuine Advantage is an annoying PIA. The cloned image said it wasn't genuine, plus the windows install wouldn't recognize the new board/proc. Re-installed windows. That full dump image ended up not being corrupt. So I proceeded with restoring my "Documents and Settings," then doing the "reinstall program, restore files from backup to the newly installed directory" trick for two days. I think im about 95% back to normal. UGH

Moral of the story is.... your backup image? don't count on it for a bare-metal recovery, as technology changes so much you'll end up upgrading your equipment and the image wont work properly anyways. Have a full backup every 2 weeks, monthly doesnt cut it.

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