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ugh, weather station errors

So it seems like my rain gauge likes to stay at its last rate above zero. the last thing it reported was 0.59in/h, its since been dry for a couple hrs. I know its not rained 0.59inches the last hour. wtf gives? I call OS customer service. The tech tells me to reset the base unit and the gauge. I tell him its on a 2 story roof and we are in a tornado watch. he said just do the base unit. sure enough, its still reporting 0.59. I call back, this tech says the lightning in the area might have effected the sensor. I ask how common this is, because I don't want to have to climb a 2story house to reset a sensor, after unscrewing 8 tiny screws from a ladder. I got something like "after you reset the rain unit, monitor it if it still has problems, we will send you a replacement"

crap, maybe I should've dropped a little more and got that Davis Vantage Pro 2, ugh!

Guess I'll try and reset the rain gauge tomorrow morning before it gets stormy again!

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