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weather station up!

So I finally got my weather station in a couple days ago. The thing came w/ batteries. That just doesnt happen anymore! So I wanna roof mount it w/ an old directv mount/pole... but it isnt tall enough and the roof will sheild it from gusts.... so I went on a hunt. Only place w/ a mast was radio shack. so this mast doesnt really fit my dish's mount pole. AND I need a place to put the rain guage. After some online research I found this. Needless to say, I'm not gonna pay 40 bux plus shipping for something I could probably make. I head to home depot, get some 26g aluminum sheeting and proceed to cut. about an hour later, I end up w/ a decent shelf (I'll post picts once i get it really mounted).

So currently its sitting on a mounting pole that isnt too snug inside a dish mounting pole, mounted to my rose planter, barely peeking over a fence.

If you are intrested, check out my weather link.

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