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Craigslist and people who think its 'new' items.

So I found a good looking L shape desk on craigslist. I called the guy 13 mins after he listed it. Its 9pm, baby in tow, I go see the desk. mind you, its taken aprt in half, standing on their side. Their drawers look good, top has some minor scratches due to normal use. ok, whatever. I ask if i can give him money now and come back w/ a trailor. He offers to let me use his truck. I didnt feel all that comfy w/ that arrangment. For all i know he knows its about to die and wants me to kill it for him.

So we arrange for him to drop it off for like 20 bucks... no skin off my back, the whole desk is up to 100 bucks. he gets to my place we unload into my garage and he leaves.

I begin to disassemble it so I can get it upstairs, when I realize "I need to measure and figure stuff out". Turns out this thing is like 6 inches too big for my room. so I have it disassembled in my garage... what to do, what to do... I turn the drawers to face forward, lean the backing into place, and put the top over it to show it off. I go to craigslist to relist the item. This time I list it at my cost, 100 bucks.

I get a call from various ppl, one comes by to look, didnt like the style, the second guy never shows. this last guy likes it. he has a car, so he tried to talk me down to 80, i say "100 and ill drive it to your house if you help me load and unload". good, deal done. we trade numbers so if i get lost following him i can call him.... boy was that a mistake

Around 10:30 last night, the guy tries calling. he tried the original cell phone on the ad, my cell phone, AND he tried from 3 diff numbers. talk about a frigging stalker. So we finally get an email from the CL ad. He says he cant get it to work.

I email him back telling him I'm out of town and to sit tight until next monday when I get back into town. He replies telling me im a bad man and hes gonna drop it off at my doorway.

this morning my phone starts ringing from 2 OTHER numbers. Like im not gonna screen my calls after the night before? I now have 5 "do not answer" antries in my phonebook. rediculous. I finally reply to his email during a meeting and tell him we got it from CL a couple days before. I dissassemebled it for transport, and I know it "works". I get a reply back basicly telling me the same stuff, but upping the ante, he wants me to return his money AND go pick it up. I even drew instructions on how to reassemble the unit and emailed it to him. After counltes emails (and him trying to call from yet ANOTHER number) I basicly have him 4 options:

1) relist it on CL for yourself
2) put it in my yard, let it soak the rain while im out of town, and dont get any money back
3) wait until monday when I get back and we can arrage to split the cost $50/$50 and I take it off his hands and dispose of it (or half of it, since its 50/50)
4) he can keep it, i give him 30 bucks for the trouble and to shut up, relist it for all I care.

I bet you cant guess the reply to that. "I wont take less than 40" to which i said "Classified ad/garage sale items are AS-IS. I've gone more than out of my way to try and satisfy you when I could have easily ignored you and called the cops for harrasment. Pick one of the FOUR compromises and we'll get this over with."

His latest response is "I will deliver it on monday and ask for a full refund." After ALL this headache? gimme a friggin break. Heres my reply...

So you either want the desk for 60 bucks, or you want a full refund. I would not have sold you this desk for 60 bucks to begin with.

You entered this agreement for 100 dollars. I have been more the courteous and helpful in trying to help you out. As I've said before, classified ads and garage sale items are AS-IS. I didn't even have to try and help you this much. Did I call up the guy I bought it from and harass him when it didn't work out for me? No, I said "oh well, doesn't work for me, I'll relist and let someone else have it"

You do realize by attempting to call me from various numbers, KNOWING I can't answer them because I'm out of town on business is borderline harassment. The simple fact that I've tried to come to various compromises to resolve this issue, and you keep low balling EACH ONE shows me who is trying to rip who off. If I gave you the $30 to go away, you can easily turn around and sell this for as little as $70 on craigslist and break even.

If you did not want the item to begin with, why are we even having this dance?

Can't believe I'm trying to pay a guy to shut up and he wont take it, ugh.

So while i'm writing the above email, I get a new email:

I will see you around 8:00 on Monday. I will humbly ask for full refund less whatever you think is reasonable for delivering.

Wait, so now he's gonna CHARGE me to return in? the friggin nerve. This doesn't even warrant a reply after my previous email.

So I get back into town on sunday night to an email telling me his check posted, give him money. However MY bank hadnt posted it yet. I emailed him telling him once MY bank posts it in MY account, he'll have his money. It didnt post until Tuesday around 4pm. This guy emailed me about 6 times in that timeframe.

Thank god for paypal, I swear If i had to go see this guy face to face to give him cash I would prolly get arrested. After negotiating a "shut up price" (what im calling his "refund"), he wanted 60, i offered 20. we ended up around 35. I paypaled it on tuesday night, emailed him to tell him thank you for the drama, and thats all folks.

If I get anotehr email from this freak, I'm definately reporting the bastid.

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