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Round Rock/Austin Metro gutters

So after years of dealing with splashing rain from my roof, I finally decided to get some quotes on gutters. I called about 11 companies, and only 6 kept their appointments. I even rescheduled the other ones. If they dont want my business, fine. I asked for 2 quotes, full wrap vs over the garage and just the back. Here's a table of what I ended up with. All are 5" gutters w/ 3"x4" downspouts.

CompanyFront/back (flashing)Full (flashing)labor/material warranty
Anytime Gutters320 (n/a)804 (n/a)n/a
Freeman Company**500(60)920(110)20/50***
Gutter Tech** 584 (n/a)1152 (n/a) 5/20
Austin Gutter King618(78)1036(176)10/50
Austin Gutterman633(112)1134(112)10/50
LeafGuard**870*(inc)1905* (inc)10/50

*AFTER 10% discount.
** provided color match samples
*** provided occupational/liability insurance documentation

I'm leaning on Freeman Company because of the high warranties, and the estimator guy was very professional. all the other guys just seemed like sales slime. We'll see how things so, I have to sleep on it.

UPDATE: So I ended up getting the gutters from the Freeman Company. They guy installed them perfectly, even asked where I'd like each downsout to end up. It took him about two hours and they look great.

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