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Group behind daytime awards expected to announce new category for handheld devices

Whats next, Best online porn ring? this is kinda lame, not like we have a "Best while on an airplane" category, or "Best while standing in line"

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - The group behind the daytime Emmys is expected to announce a new category specifically for content made for computers, cell phones and other hand-held devices, according to a news report Friday.

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is to debut at the next Sports Emmys show and eventually become a category in other Emmy presentations, The New York Times said.

Entries in the category must be original, and cannot include content that has already been shown on television. Devices that can play videos -- like the video iPod and PlayStation Portable -- are seeing more original content developed for them.

The market for portable video content is still small compared to broadcast television, but it is growing rapidly. There are currently an estimated 500,000 mobile video viewers in the US, according to the newspaper.

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