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Lethal Weapon 2

1h 54m • Crime, Thriller, Comedy, Drama, Action/Adventure • R
82% 77%
Directed byRichard Donner
Writen byJeffrey Boam
StudioWarner Bros. Pictures

Video3:4 480 (h264)
AudioEnglish (AAC 5.1)
In the opening chase, Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh stumble across a trunk full of Krugerrands. They follow the trail to a South African diplomat who's using his immunity to conceal a smuggling operation. When he plants a bomb under Murtaugh's toilet, the action explodes!

Mel GibsonMartin Riggs
Danny GloverRoger Murtaugh
Joe PesciLeo Getz
Joss AcklandArjen Rudd
Derrick O'ConnorPieter 'Adolph' Vorstedt
Patsy KensitRika van den Haas
Darlene LoveTrish Murtaugh
Steve KahanCaptain Ed Murphy
Mark RolstonHans
Jenette GoldsteinOfficer Meagan Shapiro
Dean NorrisTim Cavanaugh
Juney SmithTom Wyler
Nestor SerranoEddie Estaban
Philip SurianoJoseph Ragucci
Grand L. BushJerry Collins
Allan Dean MooreGeorge
Jack McGeeMickey McGee, the Carpenter
Mary Ellen TrainorPolice Psychiatrist
Traci WolfeRianne Murtaugh
Ebonie SmithCarrie Murtaugh
Damon HinesNick Murtaugh
Tony CarreiroMarcelli
Sherman HowardHitman
Pat SkipperHitman
Jim PiddockConsulate Envoy
David MarcianoCop #1
Tommy HinkleyCop #2
Lionel DouglassOfficer Friesen
James OliverOfficer Moss
Marian CollierPoolside Card Player