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3h 16m • War, Drama, Biography, History, Action/Adventure • PG-13
93% 87%
Directed byStanley Kubrick
Writen byDalton Trumbo, Peter Ustinov
StudioBryna Productions

Video2.2:1 1080 (h264)
AudioEnglish (AAC 5.1)
The rebellious Thracian Spartacus, born and raised a slave, is sold to Gladiator trainer Batiatus. After weeks of being trained to kill for the arena, Spartacus turns on his owners and leads the other slaves in rebellion. As the rebels move from town to town, their numbers swell as escaped slaves join their ranks. Under the leadership of Spartacus, they make their way to southern Italy, where they will cross the sea and return to their homes.

Kirk DouglasSpartacus
Laurence OlivierMarcus Licinius Crassus
Jean SimmonsVarinia
Charles LaughtonSempronius Gracchus
Peter UstinovLentulus Batiatus
John GavinJulius Caesar
Nina FochHelena Glabrus
John IrelandCrixus
Herbert LomTigranes Levantus
John DallMarcus Publius Glabrus
Woody StrodeDraba
Harold J. StoneDavid
Charles McGrawMarcellus
Joanna BarnesClaudia Marius
Peter BroccoRamon
Paul LambertGannicus
Robert J. WilkeGuard captain
Nick DennisDionysius
John HoytCaius
Frederick WorlockLaelius
Tony CurtisAntoninus
Paul BaxleyGladiator (uncredited)
Louie EliasGladiator (uncredited)
Brad HarrisGladiator (uncredited)
Hubie KernsGladiator (uncredited)
Gordon MitchellGladiator (uncredited)
Regis PartonGladiator (uncredited)
Victor PaulGladiator (uncredited)
Jack PerkinsGladiator (uncredited)
Wally RoseGladiator (uncredited)
Aaron SaxonGladiator (uncredited)
Tom SteeleGladiator (uncredited)
Jerry SummersGladiator (uncredited)
Shari Lee BernathLittle Girl (uncredited)
Bill BlackburnPrisoner (uncredited)
David BondSlave (uncredited)
Polly BursonSlave (uncredited)
Carol DanielsSlave Girl (uncredited)
Lila FinnSlave (uncredited)
Harold GoodwinSlave (uncredited)
Sol GorssSlave Leader (uncredited)
Betty HarfordSlave (uncredited)
Harry Harvey Jr.Slave (uncredited)
Wayne HeffleySlave Guard (uncredited)
Lars HensenSlave (uncredited)
Charles HorvathSlave Leader (uncredited)
Shep HoughtonSlave (uncredited)
Pete KellettSlave (uncredited)
Joan McKellenSlave (uncredited)
Eddie ParkerSlave (uncredited)
Gil PerkinsSlave Leader (uncredited)
Chuck RobersonSlave (uncredited)
Frosty RoyceSlave (uncredited)
Autumn RussellSlave Girl (uncredited)
Kay StewartSlave (uncredited)
Kay StewartSlave Girl (uncredited)
Helen ThurstonSlave (uncredited)
Louise VincentSlave at Gracchus' Home (uncredited)
Joe CanuttSoldier (uncredited)
Bill CatchingSoldier (uncredited)
Chuck CourtneySoldier (uncredited)
Chuck HaywardSoldier (uncredited)
Robert F. HoySoldier (uncredited)
Valley KeeneSoldier (uncredited)
George KennedyRebel Soldier (uncredited)
Cliff LyonsSoldier (uncredited)
Bill RaischSoldier Whose Arm is Hacked Off (uncredited)
Buddy Van HornSoldier (uncredited)
Jack WilliamsSoldier (uncredited)
Paul E. BurnsFimbria (uncredited)
Wayne BursonGuard (uncredited)
Dick CrockettGuard (uncredited)
John DaheimCapua Guard (uncredited)
Carey LoftinGuard (uncredited)
Harvey ParryGuard (uncredited)
Ronnie Rondell Jr.Guard (uncredited)
Don TurnerGuard (uncredited)
Peter VirgoGuard (uncredited)
Fred ZendarGuard (uncredited)
Ted de CorsiaLegionnaire (uncredited)
Terence de MarneyMajordomo (uncredited)
Johnny DuncanBeheaded Man (uncredited)
Roy EngelRoman Businessman (uncredited)
Paul KeastRoman Businessman (uncredited)
Kenner G. KempRoman Senator (uncredited)
Paul KrugerRoman Senator (uncredited)
Otto MaldeRoman General (uncredited)
Scott SeatonRoman Senator (uncredited)
Richard FarnsworthSalt Mine Slave / Gladiator / Slave General (uncredited)
Logan FieldCenturion (uncredited)
John StephensonCenturion (uncredited)
Robert FullerExtra (uncredited)
Jeanne GersonWoman Selling Chestnuts (uncredited)
Seamon GlassPirate (uncredited)
Preston PetersonPirate (uncredited)
George RobothamPirate (uncredited)
James GriffithOtho (uncredited)
Jack GrinnagePetitioner (uncredited)
Anthony JochimPetitioner (uncredited)
Joe HaworthMarius (uncredited)
Vinton HayworthMetallius (uncredited)
Loren JanesSalt Mine Slave / Gladiator / Slave General (uncredited)
Jil JarmynJulia (uncredited)
Aron KincaidCrassus' Standard-Bearer (uncredited)
Dayton LummisSymmachus (uncredited)
Bob MorganGaleno (uncredited)
Tracy OlsenGirl (uncredited)
Leonard PennGarrison Officer (uncredited)
Vic PerrinNarrator (voice) (uncredited)
Larry ThorStaff Officer (uncredited)
Dale van SickelTrainer (uncredited)
Carleton YoungHerald (uncredited)
Duke FishmanRoman Senator (uncredited)
Robert StevensonLegionnaire (uncredited)
John BartonSlave (uncredited)
Jerry BrownSoldier (uncredited)
John BensonGuard (uncredited)