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Gleaming the Cube

1h 40m • Drama, Mystery, Action/Adventure • PG-13
29% 69%
Directed byGraeme Clifford
Writen byMichael Tolkin
Studio20th Century Fox

Video3:4 480 (h264)
AudioEnglish (AAC 5.1)
An Orange County teenager's carefree life of ditching class and skateboarding abandoned pools comes to a screeching halt when someone close to him dies. The cops rule the death a suicide, but the bereaved skater believes he was murdered. It's up to him to solve the case, with a skateboard.

Christian SlaterBrian Kelly
Steven BauerAl Lucero
Richard HerdEd Lawndale
Ed LauterMr. Kelly
Micole MercurioMrs. Kelly
Le TuanColonel Trac
Min LuongTina Trac
Art ChudabalaVinh Kelly
Peter KwongBobby Nguyen
Max PerlichYabbo
Charles CyphersHarvey McGill
Tony HawkBuddy
Tommy GuerreroSam
Christian JacobsGremic
Joe GoshaNick Oliver
Kiều ChinhMadame Trac
Rita RudnerMrs Yabbo
Khiem TranMr Phong
Lauree BergerMrs Lawndale
Jack RileyHomeowner
Ángela MoyaHousekeeper
J. Jay SaundersMedical Examiner
F. William ParkerMotel Manager
Chi Muoi LoTough #1
Vien HongTough #2
Jimmy StarSkate Boarder (uncredited)