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Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

1h 39m • Family, Sci-Fi, Animation, Fantasy, Action/Adventure • PG
0% 80%
Directed byKunihiko Yuyama
Writen byHideki Sonoda
Studio4Kids Entertainment

Video3:4 480 (h264)
AudioEnglish (AAC 5.1)
In the legendary past, before Poké Balls were invented, an aura-guiding hero Pokémon named Lucario sensed two groups of armies about to clash, and a threat of a massive war in front of Oldoran Castle in Kanto that would leave no survivors. He transferred this message to his master, the legendary hero Arlon, while he was being attacked by a violent group of Hellgar. During the battle, his sense of sight was lost and he was rendered unable to see. He used the detection of his Aura, and so with the offensive Wave Bomb, he eliminated them. Though by the threat, the queen of Rota, Lady Rin was resolute to die with her civilians, and so Arlon made a choice.

Rica MatsumotoSatoshi (voice)
Ikue OtaniPikachu (voice)
Yūji UedaTakeshi / Sonans (voice)
KAORIHaruka (voice)
Fushigi YamadaMasato (voice)
Megumi HayashibaraMusashi (voice)
Shin-ichiro MikiKojiro (voice)
Inuko InuyamaNyarth (voice)
Chie SatōGonbe (voice)
Chinami NishimuraWakasyamo (voice)
Katsuyuki KonishiHeigani (voice)
Tomoe HanbaZenigame (voice)
Natsuki YoshiharaChirean (voice)
Unsho IshizukaNarrator (voice)
Kouichi YamaderaArlon (voice)
Kumiko OkaeJenny (voice)
Momoko KikuchiRin / Eileen (voice)
BeckyKid Summers (voice)
Akihiro NishinoFreddy (voice)
Daisuke NamikawaLucario (voice)
Satomi KourogiMew (voice)
Takeshi AonoBanks (voice)
Noriko HidakaMother (voice)
Kōichi SakaguchiHellgar (voice)
Miyako ItōManene (voice)
Daisuke SakaguchiManyula (voice)
Jun FukushimaManyula (voice)
Eiji MiyashitaRegirock (voice)
Atsushi KakehashiRegisteel (voice)
Kunihiro KawamotoRegice (voice)
Yuta KajiwaraUsohachi (voice)