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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

1h 44m • Family, Comedy, Fantasy • PG
49% 56%
Directed byRon Howard
Writen byJeffrey Price, Peter S. Seaman
StudioImagine Entertainment

Video3:4 480 (h264)
AudioEnglish (AAC 5.1)
Inside a snowflake exists the magical land of Whoville. In Whoville, live the Whos, an almost mutated sort of Munchkin-like people. All the Whos love Christmas, yet just outside of their beloved Whoville lives the Grinch. The Grinch is a nasty creature that hates Christmas, and plots to steal it away from the Whos, whom he equally abhors. Yet a small child, Cindy Lou Who, decides to try befriending the Grinch.

Jim CarreyGrinch
Taylor MomsenCindy Lou Who
Jeffrey TamborMayor Augustus Maywho
Christine BaranskiMartha May Whovier
Bill IrwinLou Lou Who
Molly ShannonBetty Lou Who
Clint HowardWhobris
Josh Ryan Evans8-Year-Old Grinch
Mindy SterlingClarnella
Rachel WinfreeRose
Rance HowardElderly Timekeeper
Jeremy HowardDrew Lou Who
T. J. ThyneStu Lou Who
Lacey KohlChristina Whoterberry
Nadja PionillaJunie
Jim MeskimenOfficer Wholihan
Michael DahlenCustomer
David CostabileBiker Who
Mary SteinMiss Rue Who
James RitzCrazy Mose
Deep RoyPost Office Clerk
Jessica SaraSophie
Mason LuceroWho Boy
Ben Bookbinder8-Year-Old Augustus Maywho
Michaela GalloWho Schoolgirl
Landry Allbright8-Year-Old Martha May Whovier
Reid Kirchenbauer8-Year-Old Whobris
Rebecca ChaceShopper
Suzanne KrullShopper
Steve KehelaShopper
Lillias WhiteShopper
Rain PryorShopper
John AlexanderShopper
Kevin IsolaTree Trimmer
Gavin GrazerYodeler
Walter FranksClerk
Verne TroyerBand Member
Clayton MartinezCook
Q'orianka KilcherLittle Choir Member
Caroline WilliamsTiny Who Woman
John ShortTiny Who Man
Grainger EschNear Miss Who
Eva BurkleyPudding Chef
Rick BakerPuppeteer
Bill SturgeonPuppeteer
Mark SetrakianPuppeteer
Jurgen HeimannPuppeteer
Tim BlaneyPuppeteer
Bryce Dallas HowardSurprised Who
Charles CroughwellBalloon Who
Frank WelkerMax the Dog (voice)
Anthony HopkinsNarrator (voice)
Ron HowardWhoville Townsperson (uncredited)