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City by the Sea

1h 48m • Crime, Thriller, Drama, Mystery • R
48% 40%
Directed byMichael Caton-Jones
Writen byKen Hixon
StudioWarner Bros. Pictures

Video3:4 480 (h264)
AudioEnglish (AAC 5.1)
Vincent LaMarca is a dedicated and well-respected New York City police detective who has gone to great lengths to distance himself from his past, but then makes the terrible discovery that his own son has fallen into a life of crime.

Robert De NiroVincent LaMarca
Frances McDormandMichelle
James FrancoJoey
Eliza DushkuGina
William ForsytheSpyder
Patti LuPoneMaggie
Anson MountDave Simon
John DomanHenderson
Brian TarantinaSnake
Drena De NiroVanessa Hansen
Michael P. MoranHerb
Nestor SerranoRossi
Matthew CowlesArnie
Linda EmondMargery
Cyrus FarmerCarl
George DzundzaReg Duffy
Jay BoryeaPicasso
Leo BurmesterLieutenant Katt
Gregg EdelmanA.P.C. Johnson
Stephi LineburgBree