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Drop Dead Fred

1h 38m • Family, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy • PG-13
11% 77%
Directed byAte de Jong
Writen byCarlos Davis, Anthony Fingleton
StudioNew Line Cinema

Video3:4 480 (h264)
AudioEnglish (AAC 5.1)
When Elizabeth returns to her mother's home after her marriage breaks up, she recreates her imaginary childhood friend, Fred, to escape from the trauma of losing her husband and her job. In between the chaos and mayhem that Fred creates, Elizabeth attempts to win back her husband and return to normality.

Phoebe CatesElizabeth 'Lizzie' Cronin
Rik MayallDrop Dead Fred
Marsha MasonPolly Cronin
Tim MathesonCharles
Carrie FisherJanie
Ashley PeldonYoung Elizabeth
Daniel GerrollNigel Cronin
Ron EldardMickey Bunce
Keith CharlesMurray
Michael WelkerWaiter at Wine Gala
Eleanor MondaleAttractive Customer
Bridget FondaAnnabella (uncredited)