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Big Momma's House

1h 38m • Crime, Comedy, Action/Adventure • PG-13
30% 57%
Directed byRaja Gosnell
Writen byDon Rhymer, Darryl Quarles
Studio20th Century Fox

Video3:4 480 (h264)
AudioEnglish (AAC 5.1)
When a street-smart FBI agent is sent to Georgia to protect a beautiful single mother and her son from an escaped convict, he is forced to impersonate a crass Southern granny known as Big Momma in order to remain incognito.

Martin LawrenceMalcolm Turner
Nia LongSherry Pierce
Paul GiamattiJohn
Jascha WashingtonTrent Pierce
Terrence HowardLester Vesco
Anthony AndersonNolan
Carl WrightBen Rawley
Phyllis ApplegateSadie
Starletta DuPoisMiss Patterson
Nicole PrescottLena
Octavia SpencerTwila
Tichina ArnoldRitha
Cedric the EntertainerReverend
Philip TanKang
Edwin HodgeBasketball Teen #1
Aldis HodgeBasketball Teen #2
Brian PalermoCazwell
Brian Paul StuartPrison Doctor
Tameka HolmesChoir #2
Ellis HallOrganist
Debby GaudetBingo Staffer
Phil HawnMailman
Jay SoHigh Roller
J.T. ThibodeauBank Robber