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All of Me

1h 31m • Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy • PG
85% 67%
Directed byCarl Reiner
Writen byPhil Alden Robinson
StudioUniversal Pictures

Video3:4 480 (h264)
AudioEnglish (AAC 5.1)
Just before stubborn millionaire Edwina Cutwater dies, she asks her uptight lawyer, Roger Cobb to amend her will so that her soul will pass to the young, vibrant Terry Hoskins – but the spiritual transference goes awry. Edwina enters Roger's body instead, forcing him to battle Edwina for control of his own being.

Steve MartinRoger Cobb
Lily TomlinEdwina Cutwater
Victoria TennantTerry Hoskins
Madolyn Smith OsbornePeggy Schuyler
Richard LibertiniPrahka Lasa
Dana ElcarBurton Schuyler
Jason BernardTyrone Wattell
Selma DiamondMargo
Eric ChristmasFred Hoskins
Gailard SartainFulton Norris
Neva PattersonGretchen
Michael EnsignMr. Mifflin
Peggy FeuryDr. Betty Ahrens
Nan MartinDivorce Lawyer
Basil HoffmanCourt Clerk
Hedley MattinglyGrayson
Harvey VernonJudge
Stu BlackPolice Officer
Marilyn TokudaReceptionist
David ByrdMinister
Nicholas ShieldsHardhat
Bill SaitoSecurity Guard
Neil ElliotCabbie
Jillian ScottCourtroom Spectator
Judy NagyNurse
Ronn WrightCook
Jim WelchJames Welsh IV