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Farce of the Penguins

1h 20m • Animation, Comedy, Documentary • R
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Directed byBob Saget
Writen byBob Saget
StudioFOTP Productions

Video16:9 480i (h264)
AudioEnglish (AAC 5.1)
In this spoof of "March of the Penguins," nature footage of penguins near the South Pole gets a soundtrack of human voices. Carl and Jimmy, best friends, walk 70 miles to the mating grounds where the female penguins wait. The huddled masses of females - especially Melissa and Vicki - talk about males, mating, and what might happen this year. Carl, Jimmy, and the other males make the long trek talking about food, fornication and flatulence. Until this year, Carl's sex life has been dismal, but he falls hard for Melissa. She seems to like him. A crisis develops when Jimmy comes upon something soft in the dark. Can friends forgive? Does parenthood await Carl and Melissa?

Samuel L. JacksonNarrator (voice)
Alyson HanniganHottie Penguin (voice)
Bob SagetCarl (voice)
Brie LarsonI Need a Z-Pack Penguin (voice)
Carlos MenciaJuan Sanchez (voice)
Dave CoulierThere's No Snow Penguin (voice)
John StamosWhat's Global Warming Penguin (voice)
Jodie SweetinHe's So Gross Penguin (voice)
Lori LoughlinMelvin-smacking Penguin (voice)
Jason BiggsInsecure Penguin (voice)
Jim BelushiThey're all bitches Penguin (voice)
Whoopi GoldbergHelen (voice)
Damon WayansHey, That's My Ass! Penguin (voice)
Drea de MatteoEster (voice)
Jason AlexanderPenguin on Belly (voice)
Christina ApplegateMelissa (voice)
Lewis BlackJimmy (voice)
Mario CantoneSidney (voice)
Dane CookOnline Penguin (voice)
Norm CrosbyCarl's Grandfather (voice)
Cliff DorfmanAngry Penguin (voice)
Adam DuritzSensitive Guy Penguin (voice)
Vanessa EviganHilton Penguin (voice)
Gilbert GottfriedFreezing Nuts Penguin (voice)
Jim HazeltonNo Personality Penguin (voice)
Jonathan KatzSteve the Owl (voice)
Jamie KennedyJamie (voice)
David KoechnerMelvin (voice)
Jon LovitzMy Eyes Are Up Here Penguin (voice)
Norm MacdonaldJoin Twosomes Penguin (voice)
Abbey McBride(voice)
David MichieSly Penguin (voice)
Mo'NiqueVicky (voice)
Tracy MorganMarcus (voice)
Jeff RossFunny-Looking Bastard (voice)
Jonathan SilvermanSeal Critics (voice)
Nick SimunekDaddy Likes That Penguin (voice)
Abe VigodaPenguin from Boca (voice)
Rob WeissPissed Penguin (voice)
Scott WeingerHorny Penguin (voice)
Harvey FiersteinSheila (voice)