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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

1h 26m • Thriller, Comedy, Horror • R
16% 18%
Directed byKim Henkel
Writen byKim Henkel
StudioUltra Muchos Productions

Video16:9 480i (h264)
AudioEnglish (AAC 5.1)
Everyone's favorite chainsaw-wielding psychopath, Leatherface, is back for more prom-night gore, and this time he's joined by his bloodthirsty family. Four stranded yet carefree teens are taken in by a backwoods family, clueless of their host family's grisly habits. The terrified youths, including sweet Jenny, try to escape from Leatherface and his crazed clan, including the bionic Vilmer.

Renée ZellwegerJenny
Matthew McConaugheyVilmer Slaughter
Robert JacksLeatherface Slaughter
Debra MarshallCop at Bud's Pizza
Tonie PerenskyDarla
Joe StevensW.E. Slaughter
Susan LoughranJenny's Mother
Lisa Marie NewmyerHeather
John DuganCop at Hospital
Marilyn BurnsPatient on Gurney
John HarrisonSean
Tyler Shea ConeBarry
James GaleMr. Rothman
Chris KilgoreRothman's Chauffeur
Vince BrockI'm Not Hurt
David LaurenceJenny's Stepfather
Grayson Victor SchirmacherGrandfather
Jeanette WigginsWoman Eating Chocolates
Carmen NogalesGirl In Red Dress
Lisa CaraveoBrenda
Les MartinHeckler
Adam WhiteHeckler
Bill WiseHeckler
Loren GuerraBud's Pizza Attendant
Derek KeeleCop At Bud's Pizza
Geri WolcottCouple In RV
Axel L. SchillerCouple In RV
Andy CockrumStuffed DPS Officer
Roger RoeStuffed Family
Angee HughesStuffed Family
Rebecca RosenbergStuffed Family
Paul A. PartainHospital Orderly
Derrick SandersProm Date
Ryan WickerhamProm Guy