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July 28, 2006

From the house dept.  

Filed hail damage

So I finally decided to file my hail damage from April. "Why in mid July" you ask? I was waiting for the brunt of the hail season to end. Sure, there's still more hail to come, but on a new roof w/ architectural tiles, it wont matter. So I call my insurance agent, Texas Select. Turns out, the parent company of Texas Select has gone under due to Katrina/Rita. Yey. They tell me to call the Texas Department of Insurance. So I call, swim through voice menus and finally talk to someone, who then refers me to the Texas Select 800 number. Yey. So I call the TS 800 number ad swim through voice menus and finally find a human. I file my claim and then ask for details of this "going under". Turns out TDI will be taking TS to court on MONDAY to take control of their assets, accounts, policies, and claims. Good thing I filed yesterday! Now when I shop for a new carrier, I'll have a spanking new roof and a big ole discount.