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September 25, 2006

From the weather dept.  

THGR968 for WMR968 broken

Apparently last monday (7 days ago) my THGR968 Thermo-Hygrometer Sensor started reading the dew point and humidity erroneously. I'm not sure it this uses the same sensor and just calculates the relative humidity from dew point, but either way, its broken. Its been off by 12 to 21 degrees Fahrenheit with an avg around 14. Will attempt OS customer support, wish me luck.

UPDATE: THGR968 as well as WMR968 is backordered YET AGAIN. They wanted me to send my unit in, and wait for them to send my backordered part back. umm, yea. I told them tp order one for me, and when I got it, i'd send them my unit back. Ugh. time to troll ebay more.

September 15, 2006

From the deals dept.  

Free HD DVR from Directv

well, not 100% free, you have to agree to a 2yr commitment, but hell, when you got directv, who wants to go back anyways? Anyways, this is how you get a free HD DVR.... go to the "email us" section on the directv website, type this: "Hello, I was wondering if I could get a free HD DVR? Thank you." Two hours after I sent this, I got a call. They then scheduled the install 2 days later. I now have a 5lnb kaku dish and HR20-700, along with my other dvr's. BTW, you CAN daisey chain 6x8 switches, despite what the installer tells you. Just remember, the whole chain HAS to consist of zinwells at this time. the LAST LINK towards the receiver can be another brand, like terk. bummer zinwell's arnt externally powered. My installer insisted on using 3 switches when i only needed 2 (4 ports usable off switch 1, 8 off switch 2) now I have 16 total ports when I only really needed 9. Oh well, their loss.

tivo community thread link where I found this jewel

From the kids dept.  

Matthew's first birthday

Matthew turns 1 year old today. how time flies! He's getting a party tomorrow, woohoo! pictures will be posted shortly.