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May 31, 2006

From the wtf/florida dept.  

Lovely couple in florida arrested...

for trying to put a hit out on their grandkids! come on people, just change your phone number and ignore em, dont try and kill em. People dont even know how to fight right anymore.

Police: Couple Offered Hit Man $100 To Kill Grandkids

Two grandparents in Lake County, Fla., were arrested for allegedly offering a hit man $100 to kill their three grandchildren, daughter-in-law and the family's pet dog, according to Local 6 News.

Lake County deputies said Robert Jackson, 60, and his wife, Versie, 59, traveled to a Best Western hotel Tuesday to meet a hit man -- who was an undercover law enforcement officer.

"(The couple) met with the so-called hit man, where they paid the hit man $100 in cash as a down payment for the murder of the wife and her three children," Lake County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Christie Mysinger said.

"According to an arrest affidavit, Versie Jackson made contact with the undercover agent while her husband stayed in the car because he was reportedly too afraid the meet the person who would kill his grandchildren and daughter-in-law," Local 6 reporter Louis Bolden said.

The couple was taken into custody after the money was exchanged.

After an investigation, authorities said the couple's son, Jason Jackson, 31, concocted the alleged murder-for-hire plan from jail and asked his parents to seal the deal, Bolden said.

The 31-year-old is awaiting trial in a sexual molestation case, and his wife and children were scheduled to testify against him.

Investigators said the rest of the money was to be paid to the hit man after the family members were killed Tuesday night.

The daughter-in-law, Karen Jackson, was shocked to hear about the plan to kill her, her children and pet dog, according to Local 6 News.

"I never saw this coming," Jackson said. "I loved (him) with all my heart. (He) was good to me and good to the kids. (He) was a nice guy, everybody's friend. (He was) like a Ted Bundy charmer. He has to be a psychopath."

Jackson said after her husband's arrest last year, her in-laws stopped speaking with her.

She said she plans to testify against her husband and both in-laws.

Both grandparents remain in the Lake County Jail without bond.

Only $100?

May 30, 2006

From the weather dept.  

Live current weather!

So I think I'm finally done with AJAX-ifing my current weather page. Every variable is now live, and humidity and heat index are calculated on the fly now. METAR, NWS alerts, UV, and indoor temps are now added and ajaxed in as well. I cant realyl think fo anything else... maybe lake levels, but I cant find a place that keeps those at least hourly... oh well. now to see why it doesnt work in IE....grrrrr.

May 22, 2006

From the weather dept.  

WMR968 rain issues

So the RMA finally came in, slapped in the batteries, waiting for it to aquire everything, and proceeded to spray water towards my gauge. replacement unit acts the same way. I did stumble upon this though: guess i'll try that after some ferrite

May 9, 2006

From the weather dept.  

still waiting on my RMA, and AJAX!

Still waiting on the wmr968 console RMA. Someone brought this link to my attention, seems like it might be part or all of the issue. maybe i need some ferrite on the cables between the xmitter and sensors eh? we'll see w/ new console.

Check out my current weather page for some AJAX goodness. Stay tuned while I mix in some METAR data :)

May 1, 2006

From the weather dept.  

weather station update

I got the RMA in for the rain gauge. It seems to work exactly like the old one. Doing some online searching I found a forum with people that have had similar issues. Of course they never post their fix because they don't care about other people. In my opinion however, I think the unit should be smart enough to zero itself out when it stops raining. I called OS up again and I'm getting an RMA for the main console unit. I really hope thats the issue, because this is kinda lame.