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May 26, 2004

From the wtf dept.  

another name thing

I'm not even sure how they got this one. its one i've never seen before.


Kishk damnit, Kishk

May 11, 2004

From the wtf dept.  


Falling asleep to rain is soothing, yet waking up to it sucks. You feel droopy all friggin day! Im meeeeelllting!

May 5, 2004

From the politics dept.  

Go Mickey!

Disney said "hellno" to Michael Moron's new anti-Bush film. I hope the rest of the distributers follow suit

From the wtf dept.  


And you thought me shooting a nail through my thumb was bad, check this one out!

what a dumbass

May 3, 2004

From the wtf dept.  

Name variations

Now, I can understand my name has a couple variations, but when I got this to-go receipt, I just had to start a new tradition of posting the idiocy I have to deal with. There are only TWO acceptable versions of my name, the first (the biblical one) being the one which I use: Isaac and Issac. Many people use the double ss, which is common, but just looks silly. Anyways... here is the first.