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Texas Concealed Handgun License

Texas CHL timeline ranges from 30-180 days. Reading many forums and notices, the time frame is about 90-100 days currently. No one ever states if its based on "completed application submittal" or the "web application" time. One might assume they have your info and will do their checks while you complete the course, but we all know a government entity isn't efficient. I'll assume my time stared 2/7/09.

11/7/08 Applied for License online
11/25/08 Checked status online, which said "Packet mailed to applicant"
12/19/08 Emailed DPS for timeframe on packet. was told 7-10 days. Packet re-mailed.
12/24/08 Packet received.
2/3-2/4/09 CHL training course completed
2/6/09 Completed packet mailed back to DPS, registered and return receipt
2/7/09 Return receipt received.
3/6/09 Changed from "Packet mailed to applicant" to "Processing application"
3/25/09 Changed to "Application incomplete - missing information - detailed letter has been sent." NOOOOOOOO!!!
3/27/09 Received letter- Grainy picture
3/30/09 New pictures sent to DPS, registered and return receipt
3/31/09 Return receipt received.
4/6/09 Changed from "Incompleted" to "Processing application"
5/2/09 Changed from "Processsing" to "Application Completed - license issued or certificate active"

Its gonna be a long wait. Anyone wanna make bets on when I get it?

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