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Cat genie tech codes

I have one pet left, a cute little cat. I still have the cat genie from a couple years ago... wow. When it works its awesome. when its breaks, its a pain in the ass. Pet Innovations support is great, except for the fact when you ask things like "how do i tell it to dry" or "how do i tell it to just drain." They refuse to give up their little tech codes, like its national security. So I've decided to post what I have so far.... If you know any more, feel free to drop me a line and I'll update:

1) Unplug
2) Press and hold both buttons and plug in at the same time. Keep holding for 10-15secs after power is restores
3) The lights will cycle from 4 lights to 1
4) Press and release the auto-setup until lights 4 and 1 are on (this should require 4 presses)
5) Press start to start the cycle

Codes I have so far:
4-1: Drain (you must toggle it off when done)
4-2: Air on -no bowl spin (you must toggle it off when done)
4-3: Rinse-Drain-Air/Dry Cycle (unit will reset to normal after this)

There are a couple more like "Run water" and "Dispense solution" But I cant remember them offhand.

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