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Blackberry outages

Got cingular? call them up, say "i want the service credit for mt blackberry outtage." My rep had no idea what I was saying so I followed up with "It was on a company memo last week." After waiting on hold for 5 mins, she came back w/ a $30 credit. I wont complain, April 18th hasnt been my only outage. heres the link where I found the memo:

So while on the phone, I asked about the outage I had on sunday morning, 8am-12:30pm. She searched like 5 diff databases and nothing. She asked me if I was having a problem now, to which I answered "No, I'm fine now, and I know you want me to call in when the problems occur so you can diagnose, but this happens on the weekends or after hours, so i'd like a way to report it, so you know whats going on and to get it fixed. I dont need tech support, I know it was the network." So I'm on hold another 10 mins, and she comes back and says to call after hours and get ahold of the after hour support. what after hour support, is there some special keycode? WTF? Anyways, I told her i will be logging each outtage and calling in the next business day until this gets resolved. Then she tells me that there is an issue w/ BB and edge. all other pda's are fine, its something w/ BB. I dont buy it.

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