WX 200 Weather Station
(630-1015)                 Addendum                   Faxback Doc. # 40033

Before you use your software, you should be aware of the operational issues
discussed below.  

Outdoor Weather Conditional Listing 

The WX 200 Electronic Weather Station can measure outdoor relative humidity
down to about 14 F (-10 C).  At or below that temperature, the WX 200
displays - - for a humidity reading, and the software displays ND (no data)
for the Relative Humidity, Dew Point, and Wet Bulb Temp.  This is not a

Viewing/Printing Weather Data

Once you click on Print in the Recent Observations window to print selected
weather observation data, your system can take awhile (depending on the
amount of data you selected and the speed of your computer) to spool the
data and begin printing.  Be sure you wait and do not click on Print again
while the first job is spooling.  Otherwise, the weather station software
might stop operating (requiring you to close then open it again).

Setting/Turning On an Alarm

When you open the Weather Station Alarm Settings window to view/change alarm
settings you previously stored, the software might inaccurately display one
or more digital alarm readings.  For example, a displayed reading might be
off by 0.1 from what you originally set.  If this happens:

   and you are not changing any other settings in the window, be sure to
   click on Cancel to exit without saving.  That way, the software will 
   still sound an alarm based on the original setting.

   and you are changing another setting in the window, be sure you also
   correct any inaccurate readings.  Otherwise, when you click on OK to
   save your changes and exit, the software will also save (and sound 
   alarms based on) the inaccurate reading(s).

AccuData Communications Setup

During sign-up for the AccuData service, do not select Internet in the
Communications Setup window unless you have already installed the software
for an Internet service provider on your computer.  Otherwise, your weather
station software might stop operating properly (for example, you might not
be able to open the weather station software again after you close it).
If this happens, contact Radio Shack Customer Service at 1-800-843-7422.

Note:  We expect most of the features to be corrected on future versions
       of the AccuWeather for Windows Weather Station Software.  To get
       more information or find out if a new version of the software is

1.  Open the Help menu on your software, then click on About AccuWeather
    for Windows to find out which version of the software you are currently

2.  Point your web browser to www.accuweather.com/RS/help, the follow
    the instructions that appear.  Or, contact RadioShack Customer Service
    at 1-800-843-7422.

Questions and Answers

What is AccuWeather for Windows?

AccuWeather for Windows Weather Station Software is supplied with the
weather station and lets you access AccuWeather's AccuData on-line service
if you have a modem and a subscription to AccuData on-line service (not
included).  You can download current and past weather information or color
weather maps (including radar and satellite images), weather data, and
forecasts/warnings from all over the world.  You can also use AccuWeather
for Windows to view high-tech displays of conditions recorded by the
weather station.

Does this mean I need a computer to run the weather station?

No, AccuWeather for Windows will greatly add to your enjoyment if you
have a home PC, but it's not required to operate the weather station.

Is there a charge to the customer to hook up AccuWeather to AccuData?

Yes.  The monthly fee for AccuData will vary, depending on the customer's
location and options he or she selects.  Charges start at ten cents a
minute, with special unlimited-use packages available.  For information
call 814-234-9601, ext. 400.

Can users connect to AccuWeather on-line?

Yes, by downloading Access software from AccuWeather's Internet site 
(http:\\www.accuweather.com).  The software comes with 5 free hours on-line
with no obligation.  You can also call AccuWeather at 800-566-6606 to order
the software.

We live in a coastal area with harsh/corrosive weather conditions.  Will
this product survive these conditions?

People living near the coast should have no short-term problems.  Over time,
the Hygrometer and Thermometer might corrode, but replacement parts will
be available through National Parts.

Are there easy installation instructions provided?

Yes, the owner's manual provides detailed instructions for installing and
connecting all the components.  There are even quick start operating 
instructions for customers who have used a weather station before, and 
helpful weather references (such a glossary of terms).

How do I empty the rain gauge if I have installed it on the roof?

The rain gauge is self-emptying; however, it's very important that it be
mounted as close to "level" as possible.  The product has a tipping bucket
system, and unless it's level, the mechanism to dump the rain will not
measure properly.

The cables won't reach.  Can they be extended?

No; to obtain accurate readings, customers must select a location within
the 30 feet allowed by the cables supplied with the product.  Weather data
measurements have been calibrated at the factory during production using 
that cable length.

How can I keep the backlight on for a long period of time?

Simply press and hold the light button until it beeps twice.  The light
stays on until the weather stations real time clock reaches 12:00 (am or
pm) or you disconnect power.