WX 200 Weather Station Software
(630-1015)                 Troubleshooting            Faxback Doc. # 38362

This section contains some suggestions for solving problems that you might
encounter while using your AccuWeather for Windows Weather Station

If you can't find the answer to your problem in this section, consult the
full AccuWeather for Windows User's Guide (available by calling or writing
AccuWeather) or contact an AccuWeather Systems Operator for 24-hour
technical support at (814) 237-0309, extension 250.

Symptom                    Possible Cause(s)                  Suggestion

You receive one or      The communications driver   Select the correct
more communications     is attempting to access a   COM Port settings. 
errors when you open    CM Port that is not         See "Operation,"
AccuWeather for         properly configured.  For   Faxback Doc. # 38355.
Windows.                example, if you connected
                        your mouse on COM 1, an
                        error message appears
                        stating that COM 1 is not

ND Appears in the       The WX 200 is not           Ensure the WX 200 is
Weather Station         installed or connected      installed and
Window (in one or       properly.                   connected properly.
more boxes other
than Sunrise/Sunset     The software's weather      Click on Enable/
and Moonrise/Moonset).  station port is disabled.   Disable Weather
and Moonrise/Moonset).                              Station Communications
                                                    on the button bar to
                                                    enable the weather
                                                    station communications
                                                    port on your PC.  Or
                                                    Click on the Setup
                                                    menu and select
                                                    Communications, then be
                                                    sure an X appears in
                                                    the box next to
                                                    Weather Station Port
                                                    Enabled.  If not,
                                                    click on the box so an
                                                    x appears.

                         The software is not set    Select the correct COM
                         to use the correct COM     port settings.  See
                         port setting for the       "Operation," Faxback 
                         WX 200.                    Doc. # 38355.

You receive an           Your software cannot       See "Correcting an
Undefined Dynalink       locate the correct         Undefined Dynalink
Error while using        WINSOCK.DLL file.          Error." 
TELNET to connect
to AccuData.

Text products are        Unlike graphical           Scroll through the
missing from a           products that are          Terminal window using
request you              displayed in an            the scroll bars to
submitted on             individual window,         view your text
AccuData.                text products appear       products.

                         in the Terminal window.

                         The Terminal window        Start a Record session
                         holds a maximum of         (select the
                         255 text lines.  If        File/Record menu
                         the text product(s)        option).  This records
                         you receive exceed         and saves all
                         255 lines, some of         information received
                         the information will       on the Terminal window
                         be lost.                   to a file you select.
                                                    When you finish,
                                                    simply stop the Record

Your modem stays         You did not click on       Click on Disconnect
connected after you      Disconnect from AccuData   from AccuData (the red
disconnect from          on the button bar.         phone button) on the
AccuData.                                           button bar.

                         If you clicked on          Update your modem
                         Disconnect from            initialization string
                         AccuData (but your         in the Setup/Login
                         modem did not              menu to enable your
                         disconnect), your modem    modem to detect DTR
                         initialization string      transition.  See
                         might be incorrect.        "Updating Your Modem
                                                    Initialization String."
You are unable to        Your printer is not        Ensure your printer is
print from               properly installed or      properly installed and
AccuWeather for          connected.                 connected.

                         Your computer is using     Save the data or
                         an invalid print driver.   graphic you are trying
                                                    to print to a disk,
                                                    then try to print it
                                                    from another
                                                    application (such as
                                                    Windows Paintbrush or
                                                    another graphics
                                                    program, for example).
                                                    If the errors still
                                                    occur, your print
                                                    driver is invalid.
                                                    Install the correct
                                                    driver for your
                                                    printer to correct
                                                    the problem.  The
                                                    correct print driver
                                                    should have been
                                                    included with your


If a file prints correctly from Paintbrush but not from AccuWeather for
Windows, contact AccuWeather Technical Support (see "Using AccuData,"
Faxback Doc. # 38360).


When you select TELNET as your communications port, AccuWeather for Windows
tries to establish communications with your internet service provider using
a WINSOCK.DLL file stored in your WINDOWS or WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory.  If 
the current stored version of that file is not correct or if no WINSOCK.DLL
file exists in either of those directories, you might encounter an 
Undefined Dynalink error.

Follow these steps to correct an Undefined Dynalink error.

1.  Search your hard drive for the file WINSOCK.DLL (for example, using
    File Manager's File/Search menu in Windows 3.1 or earlier, or using
    Find on the Start menu in Windows 95).


    AccuWeather for Windows automatically installs a temporary WINSOCK.DLL
    file in the AAWIN directory for mechanical purposes only.  Do not
    consider this file during your search.

    If you find more than one WINDSOCK.DLL file on your system (excluding
    the one located in the AAWIN directory), be sure to keep track of each
    file's location.  You might need to follow Steps 2-4 for more than one
    file (using the trial and error method) until you find the one used by
    your service provider.

2.  Delete the temporary WINNSOCK.DLL file in the AAWIN directory.


    If you get an error message telling you that the file cannot be
    deleted, shutdown and restart Windows to remove the file.

3.  Copy the WINSOCK.DLL file you located in Step 1 to the WINDOWS or
    WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory.

4.  Start AccuWeather for Windows and select TELNET as your communications

    If your selection is accepted, you are now ready to get your favorite
    products from AccuData over the Internet!

    If you get the Dynalink error again and you found more than one
    WINSOCK.DLL file on your system, start over again at Step 2 and copy a
    different file.

If you are unable to find the correct WINSOCK.DLL file, contact your
Internet service provider or AccuWeather Technical Support for assistance.


Updating Your Modem Initialization String

If you click on Disconnect from Accudata on the button bar but the modem
stays connected, you probably need to update your modem's initialization

To hang up, most logout scripts send the sequence +++ to the modem
followed by the ATH command.  Sometimes, the modem might not interpret the
+++ string as attention to accept modem commands.  As a result, the ATH
command is not processed by the modem and the connection is not

AccuWeather for Windows transitions to DTR after LOGOUT processing.  If
your modem is enabled to detect this transition, the connection will be
terminated.  If your modem is not enabled, the transition will have no
effect.  Consult the owner's manual provided with your modem for the
correct modem command to enable detection of DTR operations (the command &
D2 works for most modems).

Modem Initialization Recommendations

If you are connecting to AccuData by dialing directly, AccuWeather for
Windows uses the Modem initialization string from the Setup/Login dialog.
In most cases, the default string supplied by AccuWeather is all you need
for proper connection.  However, if you are experiencing communications
problems, you might need to change the initialization string so it
contains the following commands:

    1.  Reset your modem to the factory defaults

    2.  Enable software flow control 

Consult your modem's owner's manual to find the specific modem commands
for resetting the modem and enabling software flow control.

For many modem types, hardware flow control rather than software flow
control is the default factory setting.  In this case, if you only do a
reset to factory defaults, you will experience more communications
problems since your modem is expecting hardware flow control and
AccuWeather for Windows is using software flow control.

For example, a US Robotics Sportster modem uses a default initialization
string of AT&P1, which resets the modem to the hardware flow control
profile.  To operate correctly with AccuWeather for Windows, however a US
Robotics Sportster modem should use the initialization string AT&F2, which
tells the modem to reset to the software flow control template (&F2).


    Your modem might use a different command to enable software flow

    Once you enter the basic initialization string required for your
    modem, you can add other initialization parameters (such as speaker
    volume, speaker on/off, and so on) to the end of the modem
    initialization string.

If you still have problems after resetting your modem's initialization
string to it factory defaults and enabling its Weather Technical Support.