WX 200 Weather Station
(630-1015)                 Using AccuData             Faxback Doc. # 38360


AccuData is the real-time, interactive, comprehensive weather database
from AccuWeather, Inc., the world's leading commercial weather service.
AccuData contains complete worldwide weather information - past, present,
and forecast - including more than 35,000 different product types.

No matter how experienced (or inexperienced!) you are in meteorology or
using a computer, you will find AccuData easy to use as you grow in your
understanding of weather phenomena.  You can access products with the
point and click feature of AccuWeather for Windows.  You can even create
groups of products then get them in the future with a single click.

Many products are created especially by AccuWeather meteorologists for
AccuWeather's computer system and are not available anywhere else.  For
example, national weather summaries, almanac information, and many other
products are AccuWeather exclusives.

AccuData receives information in real-time from dozens of different
sources, including government agencies, commercial sources, and many
exclusive AccuWeather sources.  The sources include: the U.S. National
Weather Service, Environment Canada, the World Meteorological
Organization, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of
Defense, the National Climatic Data Center, and the National Environment
Satellite, Data and Information Service.

AccuData's features include:

                   Color graphic Images - choose from tens of thousands of
                                          full-color graphics available
                                          every day in medium and
                                          UltraGraphix high resolution.
                                          These are the same popular,
                                          high-quality images used by
                                          television stations and major
                                          governmental agencies.  Select
                                          from real-time NEXRAD Doppler
                                          Radar, satellite images, current
                                          and forecast surface maps, and
                                          much more.

                 Data and text products - include current and past weather
                                          observations for the entire
                                          world, upper air data,
                                          forecasts, watches, warnings,
                                          climatological summaries,
                                          marine data and much more.  Easy
                                          commands let you select what you
                                          need by site, region, state or
                                          country for specific time

                   High resolution maps - AccuWeather's proprietary
                                          Advanced Map Plotting System
                                          (AMPS) lets you choose from over
                                          one million high resolution maps
                                          and graphics.  You can select or
                                          create a map background or any
                                          size for any location in the
                                          world and obtain any data
                                          plotted and analyzed on that
                                          map.  The AMPS maps are 
                                          tailor-made for you in the exact 
                                          form and format you desire, 
                                          precisely when you need them, 
                                          with up-to-date data.  Among the
                                          types of AMPS maps available are
                                          those with surface observations,
                                          upper air information, computer
                                          model forecasts, and real-time
                                          lightning strike data.


AccuWeather has taken extraordinary steps to maintain the highest levels
of reliability in data acquisition, system redundancy, and 
telecommunications to ensure that the information on AccuData is always 
complete and up-to-date and that you can always access the system.

At AccuWeather, satisfying customers' needs is paramount.  Here is a list
of ways you can contact AccuWeather.

Customer Assistance

(814) 237-9601, ext 250

To Set Up an Account or Register Your Software

(814) 237-0309, ext 250


(814) 238-1339

E-Mail Address

Info @ accuwx.com

If You Have Access Problems

If you have a problem accessing AccuData at any time, please call
AccuWeather's 24-hour Technical Support line.  We will try to assist you
in solving any communication problems you might have.

To Find Out What's New

AccuWeather continually updates and upgrades AccuData as new products and
new technologies become available.  You can stay informed of all changes
and enhancements by reading the message page that appears each time you
connect to AccuData.  Or, while you are on-line, enter CHANGES at the
question mark prompt.

We Welcome Your Suggestions

If you do not find what you are looking for, or if you have ideas or
suggestions for new products, please call our Technical Support line or
E-mail us on-line by entering FEEDBACK at the question mark prompt.  Your
suggestions for improvements are always welcome!

To write Us

You can write to AccuWeather at:

AccuWeather, Inc.

Attention: Client Service Rep.

619 W. College Avenue

State College, PA 16801



AccuWeather for Windows gives you the choice of connecting to AccuData by
dialing directly or by connecting over the Internet through your
Internet service provider.

If you plan to make a direct dial connection with AccuData, be sure the
software is set to use the correct communication port (such as COM 2) and
modem baud rate. 


    The baud rate is the speed at which your modem communicates with
    AccuData.  For the fastest communication, select the highest baud rate
    supported by your modem.  For help on using your modem, refer to the
    owner's manual provided with it.

    If you select a COM port that is being used by another device (such as
    your WX 200 or mouse), AccuWeather for Windows will not accept it.

If you have an Internet service provider and plan to connect with AccuData
on the Internet, be sure your AccuWeather for Windows software is set to
use TELNET as the communications port.  That way, AccuWeather for Windows
will use your Internet service provider's TELNET services to make the
connection with AccuData.


    To connect to AccuData over the Internet, you must select the setting
    TELNET and have installed the software for an Internet service
    provider on your computer.


AccuWeather for Windows has an automated login procedure that uses a
script file called LOGIN, CMD for direct connections and LOGIN.CMD for
Internet connections.

To connect automatically, click on Connect to AccuData on the button bar
at the top of the main screen.  This runs the correct login script file to
connect you to AccuData.

Setting Up Your Account (Registration)

The first time you attempt to connect to AccuData (or each time until you
set up an account), AccuWeather for Windows prompts you for the necessary
information to set up your account.

When you register for AccuData, AccuWeather gives you limited, free
on-line time at no obligation, so you can explore AccuData.

To find out about special AccuData rate packages for you or your
organization, contact AccuWeather at (814) 237-0309, extension 400.

Account Registration Fields


    At any time during the registration process, you can click on Cancel
    to cancel the process, then sign up later by selecting Sign up for
    AccuData from the Setup menu.

Account Use:

Select the subscription class for your account
(Personal, Business, or Educational).

User Information:

Enter the basic information to identify your account (name, address, and
phone number(s)).

Credit Card Information:

Enter the information for the credit card you plan to use to pay for
on-line time (once all free time is used or has expired).


    Once you log on to AccuData, you will have the opportunity to purchase
    a subscription package and/or on-line time in addition to your free
    time.  You will not be billed for the use of AccuData until all free
    time has been used or expires.  

    Entering your credit card number does not obligate you to purchase 
    AccuData.  It does allow you to explore AccuData during your free 
    on-line time.

Communications Setup:

Select how you plan to connect to AccuData (direct-dial or over the
Internet using your Internet service provider).  If you select directdial, 
fill in the requested configuration information about your phone
line and modem.

Once you enter all requested information, a verification screen appears.
You can click on Change at the bottom of any section on the screen to
change any information you entered for that section (if necessary).  Once
you verify that all information is correct, click on Register Now to
connect to AccuData, send your registration information in encrypted
format, and create a new account.


    To exit the sign-up process without sending your registration
    information, click on Cancel.

    The account registration process automatically creates a user name and
    password for you and stores this information on your hard drive.  Once
    you are registered, you can then connect to AccuData and explore the
    more than 35,000 products that are available.


To disconnect FROM AccuData, simply click on Disconnect FROM AccuData on
the button bar at the top of the main screen.