WX 200 Weather Station Software
(630-1015)                 Installation               Faxback Doc. # 38354


This manual is designed to guide you through al phases of installing and
operating your Accuweather for Windows Weather Station Software.  If you
need help or run into problems while using the software, we recommend you
first look to the appropriate section on the WX 200 Weather Station Catalog
Listing, Faxback Doc. # 36757.

If you still need help after reading this manual, you can contact either
RadioShack or AccuWeather - depending on the software function you need
help with:

.....For help with basic software operation (such as installation) or with
.....using the weather station windows - contact RadioShack at 

.....For help with using AccuWeather's AccuData database - contact 
     AccuWeather.  See "Using AccuData," Faxback Doc. # 38360.


Minimum System Requirements -

    To operate the Weather Station software, your computer system must
    meet these requirements.

Recommended System Requirements - 

    For maximum enjoyment of your software's features, your computer
    system should meet these requirements.


IBM compatible PC, 386/33 MHz


VGA Monitor with 256-color video card

11 MB free hard drive space

No modem required

MS-DOS 5.0

Microsoft Windows 3.1

Mouse or pointing device

No printer required


IBM compatible PC, 486/66 MHz

16 MB RAM or more

VGA monitor with 256-color video card

100 MB free hard drive space

9600 bps or higher speed modem

MS-DOS 5.0 or higher

Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher, or Windows 95

Mouse or pointing device

Windows compatible printer


AccuWeather for Windows Weather Station Software has three 3.5-inch floppy
disks with the program, documentation, command, and table files required
for the software to install and run properly.  The software's installation
program creates the necessary directories, uncompresses the required
files, then copies those files to your hard drive.  It also creates a
program group and icon in the Windows Progroup and icon in the Windows
Program Manager.


    The installation disks also contain optional files that demonstrate
    the type of graphics you can download from the AccuData database.  You
    do not need to install the demonstration files in order for your
    software to work.

    If you do not have 3.5-inch disk drive, you can call AccuWeather
    Technical Support at (814) 237-0309, ext. 250 to obtain the software
    on 5 1/4-inch floppy disks.

Follow these steps to install the AccuWeather for Windows Weather Station

1.  Start Windows, then insert Disk 1 into the 3.5-inch disk drive
    (Drive A).

2.  If you are using Windows Version 3.11 or earlier, open the Windows
    File Manager, then open the FILE menu and select RUN.

    If you are using Windows 95, click START then RUN.

3.  Type a:\setup, then press Enter.  The AccuWeather for Windows Setup
    window appears.

4.  Follow the instructions in the windows that appear.


To qualify for free on-line time on AccuData, be sure to register your
AccuWeather for Windows Weather Station Software as soon as possible.

You can register your software with AccuWeather in either of these ways:

    Connect to AccuData and open an AccuData account (this automatically 
    registers your software)

    Call AccuWeather at:

    (814) 237-9601, extension 400