WX 200 Weather Station Software
(630-1015)                 Features                   Faxback Doc. # 38353

Welcome to AccuWeather for Windows Weather Station Software, created for
your enjoyment by AccuWeather, Inc., the World's Weather Leader.  You are
about to experience the weather in technologically advanced ways that you
never have imagined!

AccuWeather for Windows Weather Station Software lets you instantly view
useful, high-tech displays of the weather conditions recorded by your
Radio shack WX 200 Electronic Weather Station-as they happen-right on your
computer screen.  The software also lets you easily organize, illustrate,
and print any of the weather conditions recorded by your WX 200.

Your software also lets you access AccuWeather's AccuData on-line
database.  AccuData offers you immediate access to the world's most
comprehensive real-time weather data-base- a resource used around the
clock by some of the most skilled meteorologist in the world.

When you open an AccuData account, AccuWeather gives you free on-line time
to explore their services (the amount of free time you get is shown at the
time you register).  You an also sign up for special rate packages and
receive additional discounts on AccuData access.

You can connect to AccuData directly or on the Internet through your
Internet service provider.  Once you open an account with AccuData, you
can view and download products, such as worldwide satellite images, NEXRAD
Doppler Radar images, real time lightning data, thousands of forecast
maps, observational data, and more-over 35,000 products in all.

Your software's features let you:

See a Real-Time Display of Weather Conditions-you can view the WX 200's
data output (updated every 10 seconds) as it is received by your computer.

               View a Computer Forecast - at the click of a button, the
                                          software displays a preliminary
                                          forecast of weather over the
                                          next 12-24 hours for the area
                                          near where the WX 200 is

        Adjust the Observation Interval - you can set the software to save
                                          the current weather conditions
                                          to your hard drive at intervals
                                          of from 1 to 999 minutes.  For
                                          example, you can shorten the
                                          interval during stormy weather
                                          to better track changing weather

      Easily View and Print Stored Data - with a few mouse clicks, you can
                                          view and print the data stored
                                          for up to the last 500 recorded
                                          intervals, or all data stored
                                          for any month.

     Store and Compare Your Predictions - the software's monthly almanac
                                          files contain space for you to
                                          enter your specific weather
                                          (such as the high and low
                                          temperatures) and other weather
                                          observations and comments
                                          (such as your predicted weather

                    Connect to AccuData - AccuWeather's on-line service
                                          lets you view and download
                                          current and past weather
                                          information - color weather maps
                                          (including NEXRAD radar and
                                          satellite images), weather data,
                                          forecasts, warnings, and more-
                                          for your location or from all
                                          around the world.
         Software Registration Benefits - include limited, free on-line
         (from AccuWeather)               time to explore AccuData, an
                                          on-line subscription discount,
                                          and free software upgrades.  You
                                          can register by simply opening
                                          an AccuData account or by
                                          calling AccuWeather
                                          (see "Installation," Faxback 
                                          Doc. #38354).

    Important Note:

    This software, the data produced by the Radio Shack WX 200 Electronic
    Weather Station, and the information available in the AccuData
    database are for educational and hobby use only.  Neither Radio Shack
    nor AccuWeather shall have any responsibility or liability for any
    insistency, inaccuracy, or omissions for weather recorded, reported,
    or forecasted by the software, the weather station, or the AccuData
    database, or for reliance on such records, reports, data, or


For easy reference as you use your AccuWeather for Windows Weather Station
Software, the faxback documents are divided into the following sections:

"Installation," Faxback Doc. # 38354

    guides you through the installation of the software and
    gives you a brief overview of how to use it.

"Operation," Faxback Doc. # 38355

    is a basic guide to using the software to view, and print the weather 
    data sent to your computer by your Radio Shack WX 200 Electronic 
    Weather Station.

"Using AccuData," Faxback Doc. # 38360

    briefly describes how to use the software to connect to and use 
    AccuWeather's AccuData on-line service.

"Maps and Conversion Tables," Faxback Doc. # 38363

    provides you with reference maps to help you identify your WX 200's 
    forecast region and latitude/longitude coordinates, as well as 
    conversion formulas for common weather condition measurements.


    Your software also includes extensive on-line help files for using
    accuData.  See "Operation," Faxback Doc. # 38353.

For a complete listing of all WX 200 Weather Station faxback documents, see
the WX 200 Weather Station Catalog Listing, Faxback Doc. # 36757.