WX 200 Weather Station
(630-1015)                 Special Features           Faxback Doc. # 38349


To set the weather station so it can continuously scans all conditions
in all modes, one after the other for about 5 seconds each, hold down
UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW for about 2 seconds until the weather station

To turn off mode scan, press any key except LIGHT.


You can turn on the display's back light for easy viewing in the dark.
Press LIGHT to turn on the display light for 8 seconds elapse, press
LIGHT again.

To turn on the light so it stays on, hold down LIGHT for about 2 seconds
until the weather station beeps.  Press LIGHT again to turn it off.

NOTE:  The display light will not turn on while AC power is disconnected
       or interrupted.


To change the unit of measurement on the display (Fahrenheit to Celsius,
for example) for all modes that use that unit, repeatedly press UNIT until
you see the measurement unit you want to use.

Available/Default Measurement Units

Here is a table of all measurement units you can select for the time
and date and each weather condition.  A check appears next to each unit
that the weather station is set to use as a default.

NOTE:  Since relative humidity can be measured only as a percentage, it is
       not included in this table.

Mode(s)/Function(s)                    Unit

Time Format                            12 hour (12 hr) check
                                       24 hour (24 hr)

Date Format                            Month Day (MM DD) check
                                       Day Month (DD MM)

Temperature/Dew Point                  Degrees Fahrenheit (F) check
Temperature/Wind Chill                 Degrees Celsius (C)

Wind Speed                             Miles per Hour (MPH) check
                                       Knots (KNOTS)
                                       Meters per Second (m/s)
                                       Kilometers per Hour (kph)

Rainfall Amount                        Inches (in) check
                                       Millimeters (mm)

Rainfall Rate                          Inches per Hour (in/hr) check
                                       Millimeters per Hour (mm/hr)

Barometric Pressure                    Inches of Mercury (in) check
                                       Millimeters of Mercury (mm)
                                       Hecto-Pascals (hpa)
                                       Millibars (mb)


Using an optional serial cable (up to 10 feet long, maximum) and the
supplied software, you can connect the WX 200 to a PC, then view on the
PC any data recorded by the weather station.

NOTE:  Your local Radio Shack store has the required cable.

       To connect the weather station to a PC, plug one end of a serial
       PC cable into the RS-232 jack on the left side of the display
       unit, then plug the other end into the appropriate port on your

NOTES:  The weather station sends data through its RS-232 jack every 10
        seconds at a rate of 9600 bps.

        For instructions on using the supplied software or viewing the
        data sent from your weather station, see the software's separate
        owner's manual.