WX 200 Weather Station
(630-1015)                 Features and Components    Faxback Doc. # 38339

Your Radio Shack WX 200 Electronic Weather Station with AccuWeather for
Windows Weather Station Software is an attractive and useful addition
to your home or business.  It lets you monitor the air temperature,
relative humidity, and dew point temperature (indoors and outdoors), as
well as the barometric pressure, wind speed/direction, wind chill, and
rainfall rate (outdoors only).  The weather station's memory lets you
recall high and low readings, set an alarm to sound at a set time or
when a set condition is exceeded, and more.

The weather station's RS-232 jack lets you connect the weather station
to a PC using a serial cable (not supplied).  The weather station sends
data to a connected PC every 5-10 seconds, so you can use the supplied
AccuWeather for Windows Weather Station software to monitor the data
as it is recorded (real-time), or recall it later.

The weather station also has an easy-to-read, illustrated display that
forecasts, 12-24 hours in advance, the weather most likely to occur where
the WX 200 is located.  The weather station is ideal for anyone who relies
on knowing local weather conditions - such as gardeners, farmers, or
anyone who works outdoors.  It can also help you successfully plan
outdoor activities - from a picnic to simply knowing when to carry your

The supplied software also includes AccuWeather for Windows, which lets
you access AccuWeather's AccuData online service and view or download
current and past weather information - color weather maps (including radar
and satellite images), weather date, forecasts/warnings, and more - from
all over the world.

Weather Station Features

                   Weather Condition - measures the air temperature,
                        Measurements   relative humidity, and dew point
                                       temperature (indoors and outdoors),
                                       as well as the barometric pressure,
                                       wind speed/direction, wind chill,
                                       and rainfall rate (outdoors only).

                     Built-In Memory - records the highest and/or lowest
                                       readings for temperature, relative
                                       humidity, dew point temperature,
                                       maximum wind speed, daily and
                                       accumulated rainfall, and minimum
                                       wind chill.  You can reset the
                                       memory for each weather type,

                      Weather Alarms - let you set the WX 200 to sound
                                       an alarm for each weather parameter
                                       (temperature, wind speed, rainfall 
                                       rate, dew-point temperature, and so 
                                       on) and alert you when a set weather
                                       condition is reached.  For example, 
                                       you can set the weather station to 
                                       alert you when the temperature drops
                                       to near freezing.

              Optional PC Connection - lets you connect your weather
                                       station to a personal computer
                                       (using an optional serial cable)
                                       so you can record and store weather
                                       data on your PC using the supplied
                                       AccuWeather for Windows software.

                 12-24 Hour Forecast - provides you with a forecast of the
                                       weather conditions most likely to
                                       occur where the WX 200 is located.

                     Weather Symbols - show you weather conditions at a
                                       glance with sunny, party cloudy,
                                       cloudy, and rainy symbols.

                       Mode Scanning - lets you set the weather station
                                       to continuously scan all conditions
                                       in all modes, one after the other.

          Measurement Unit Selection - lets you select the measurement
                                       unit (such as 12- or 24-hour time
                                       format, Fahrenheit or Celsius,
                                       and so on) that the WX 200 displays
                                       in all modes that use that unit.

            Clock Display with Alarm - shows the time and date, and lets
                                       you set an alarm to sound at the
                                       same time every day.

                   Mounting Hardware - lets you easily mount the various
                                       weather station components in the
                                       locations that best suit your

              Liquid Crystal Display - clearly displays the WX 200's
                                       digital readings and functional

                  Display Back Light - makes the display easy to read
                                       in low light situations.

                  Weather References - include a glossary of frequently 
                                       used weather terms and a cloud 
                                       classification chart.

NOTE:  The weather station uses 8 AAA batteries (Radio Shack Cat. No.
       23-655; not supplied) for power and to preserve the information
       stored in memory if AC power is disconnected or interrupted.  See
       "Installation," Faxback Doc. # 38340.

AccuWeather for Windows Software Features

                Real-Time Display of - lets you view the weather station's
                  Weather Conditions   data output as it is received by
                                       your PC.

            Helps Organize and Store - a variety of programs let you
                     Weather Data      organize and store some or all
                                       of the weather data recorded by
                                       your weather station.

                    Easy Data Access - lets you recall the stored data
                                       at any time, print it out in
                                       tables or graphs, and even compare
                                       it to normal and historical
                                       conditions for your local area.

                            AccuData - AccuWeather's online service lets
                                       you view and download current and
                                       past weather information - color
                                       weather maps (including radar and
                                       satellite images), weather data,
                                       forecasts, warnings, and more - 
                                       for your location or from all
                                       around the world.

      Software Registration Benefits - (from AccuWeather) include some
                                       free online time, an online 
                                       subscription discount, free software
                                       upgrades, and other free

Important Notes:  The Weather Station, and the information available in
                  the AccuData database are for educational and hobby
                  use only.  Neither Radio Shack not AccuWeather shall
                  have any responsibility or liability whatsoever for
                  any inconsistency, inaccuracy, or omissions for weather
                  recorded, reported, or forecasted by the software, the
                  weather station or the AccuData database or for reliance
                  on such records, reports, data, or forecasts.

                  The modular connections cords supplied with your weather
                  station are carefully calibrated and specially designed
                  for it.  To avoid inaccurate readings from the weather
                  instructions, we recommend you not use cord extensions.


Your weather station includes these components and mounting supplied.  Be
sure to locate all of these items before you dispose of the packing
material and box.


NOTE:  The thermometers in the display unit and outdoor temperature/
       humidity sensor are calibrated to different specifications.
       Because of this, they might measure different temperatures even
       while they are located in the same area (if they are located,
       for example, side-by-side before you install/mount them).  This
       is normal.

Display Unit

AC Adapter

Connection Box and Cord

Rain Gauge

Outdoor Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Mounting Bracket for Sensor

Anemometer Base/Arm Set

Wind Vane

Wind Cup


Number                       Description

4                            Self-Tapping Screws
                             M3 x 10

4                            Self-Tapping Screws
                             M3 x 12

2                            1/4-Inch U-Bolts

4                            1/4-Inch Plain Washers

4                            1/4-Inch Hex Nuts

2                            Rubber Screw-Covers